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About Us

Regenivore is a family-owned business that is passionate about providing high-quality dog food that   is 100% natural with no hidden or unnecessary ingredients that so many big-named brands incorporate. 

Co-founder Luke Winder, is the owner of Tathra Place Free Range, Maremma Free Range Brands & Integrity Agriculture; an electrician from Sydney who was inspired to attempt primary production developed by regenerative American farmer Joel Salatin. Luke has developed his own version of highly rotational, chemical & pharmaceutical free multi-species farming that has transformed his 100 acre farm from a weedy, degraded landscape into the beautiful perennial based pasture system it is today. 


Luke's brands of regenerative produce are used in some of the countries best restaurants and butchers.

  • Quay

  • Bennelong

  • Oncore

  • Ragazzi

  • Lucky Kwong

  • Firedoor

  • Ester

  • Bea

  • Woodcut

  • Lumi Dining

  • Six penny

  • Una Mas

  • Mimi’s

  • Bondi Icebergs

  • Campbeltown Catholic Club

  • Emelio's

  • Free Range Butcher

  • Good Farm Shop

  • And many more

A pivotal part of Luke’s pastor based poultry system is predator protection. Tathra Place Free Range is also home to 10 beautiful Maremma livestock Guardian Dogs. 

Because he processes and sells his own produce, there is a large amount of high quality Offal left every week. Therefore, creating a real carnivorous, highly nutritional diet for the farm dogs that allow the entire farming system’s success in the first place. 

Now that the produce output has expanded so vastly, he can now offer this amazing dog food rations to customers, as well as his own Maremma's!

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