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Dog in Nature

Regenivore Offal

Our Offal is sourced from Tathra Place Free Range, a carbon-negative & regenerative farm, owned by Regenivore’s co-founder, Farmer Luke. All of Luke’s animals are raised chemically & pharmaceutical free on chemical & spray free pastures. 

The Tathra Place Free Range Farm mirrors animals in nature and applies the same principles in a commercial setting. This achieved this by creating ecosystems with multiple species of animals, plants & insects, choreographed with rotation & rest.

All animals cell graze in a regenerative farming system, allowing for rebuilding organic matter, sequestering tonnes of carbon in the soil and growing robust perennial pastures that are in return, significantly beneficial to the animals. 

All animals from Tathra Place Free Rage are raised to the highest ethical standards. Our Offal allows regenerative producers to use the entire animal, respecting the sacrifice that has been made!

Just as the farm mirrors nature, our Dog’s diet should do the same. 


Our offal is sourced from grass-fed cows, pigs, lamb, duck liver, kidneys, hearts & lungs, as well as Duck frames for bone content. 

Our Complete Dog Rations contain NO OTHER INGREDIENTS then high quality offal, cartilage and bones. Providing the purest of a true raw, carnivore diet. 

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