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You love eating Integrity Meats products in the staff canteen, now access the same delicious, chemical free, pastured meat at home. 


Canva Staff Meat Boxes are exclusive to Canva staff members. In the 10kg box, you will receive:


- 1kg of beef cross cut blade steak

- 1kg of gravy beef

- 1kg of beef T-bone steak

- 1kg of Charlie Arnott biodynamic lamb ribs

- 1kg of Charlie Arnott biodynamic lamb loin chops

- 1.5 kg of Tathra Place Free Range pork chops

- 1 whole Tathra Place Free Range chicken (approx 2kg)

- 1 whole Mareema (Tathra Place) Free Range duck (approx 1.5kg)


All cuts are cryo-vacced for freshness, ready for the dinner table or the freezer. Weights are approximate and may vary slightly. 

10kg Canva Staff Meat Box

  • Integrity Meats is proud to supply Canva's staff kitchen. We ensure Canva Executive Chef Mark Hanover to can execute his constantly evolving menu. It was his idea to expand the relationship from wholesale to staff value boxes and we jumped at the opportunity. There is no better nourishment than chemical free, pharmaceutical free, pastured protein. It's good for the planet and our bodies. That's why we're in the ecological farming game and why you love eating our produce.

    Let's take that experience from your office to home. 

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