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40kg of grass fed and chemical free Speckled Park beef, packaged and delivered to your door. Your pack will contain at least 23kg of sliced meat for steaks or casseroles, 7kg of mince, 6kg of sausages and 4kg of mixed bones perfect for soups, broths or your dogs.


Below is an EXAMPLE breakdown of the cuts and amounts. The cuts are guaranteed but the exact weights of each cut will vary. 


Eye fillet - 330gms (2 or 3 steaks)

Blade roast - 1.12kgs (1 roast) 

Cross cut blade - 1.7kgs (6-8 steaks) 

Scotch fillet steak -1.1kgs (5 -6 steaks)

Gravy beef - 1.74kgs (6 -7 slices)

Round steak - 1.5kgs (3 -4 big steaks) 

Stir-fry strips 1.7kgs 

Minute steaks - 1.4kgs  (12 -14 sandwich sized) 

Sliver side roast 1.5kgs (1 roast)

Osso bucco - 1kg (3- 4 pieces)

Rump steak - 1.5kg (5 -6 steaks)

T-bone steak - 1.6kgs (4-5 steaks) 

Porthouse steak - 1.1kgs (3-4 steaks) 

Brisket - 1.4kgs (1 piece -  for slow cooked or smoker)

Spare ribs - 1.55kgs (5- 6 ribs) 

Diced casserole or Chuck steak - 2.8kgs 

Mince - 7kgs 

Bbq sausages - 6kg thick or thin or mixture of both.

Brisket bones - 1kg

Marrow bones - 1.5kg 

Soup bones - 1.5kg 

40kg 1/4 steer bulk beef pack

  • Buy DIRECT from the farmer. Tathra Place Free Range and BlackBirdandBeast have partnered together in breeding and raising Grass fed and chemical free, Speckled Park beef on our properties in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. 

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