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This pack will set you up for months of delicious, ethical, pastured raised meals. Fill your freezer with:

- 12kg beef prime cuts, secondary cuts and sausages 

- 3.5kg of Tathra Place Free Range pork prime cuts

- 3kg lamb, locally sourced and grown

- 1 whole pastured, chemical free Tathra Place Free Range chicken

Freezer Filler

  • At Tathra Place Free Range we use a choreographed multi-species cycle of rotation and rest to break pathogen cycles and sequester soil carbon.
    All our animals live on fresh, diverse pasture. Cows and sheep lead the way for ducks, pigs, quails and chicken that are supplemented with nutritional balanced non-GMO feed supplement.
    Every animal is allowed to fully express its nature. As Joel Salatin says, we “respect the pigness of the pig”. Cows and sheep mob, mow and are moved to fresh ground. Ducks, chicken and quails eat pests. Pigs create the disturbance required to stimulate plant growth. All of our animals build fertility through their manure and urine with the added bonus of producing award winning protein. It’s a pretty great life for everyone.

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