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Meat Boxes

Canva Staff Meat Boxes allow you to enjoy the same regeneratively farmed Integrity Agriculture beef, Tathra Place Free Range pastured pork, Maremma Free Range duck and Charlie Arnott biodynamic lamb supplied to you at work, at home. We have collaborated with Executive Chef Mark Hanover to bring you a $150 and $250 box which you can order online and can be picked up from Canva's kitchen every Wednesday. Nourish you AND your family, with Integrity.

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About Us

Integrity Agriculture and Integrity Meats was founded in 2022 by Tathra Place Free Range's owner and farmers Luke and Pia Winder. This venture allows us to directly supply their regeneratively raised, chemical and pharmaceutical free meat to consumers without any middle men. To learn more about our regenerative farming practices visit and to view the entire product range visit 

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